Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 Big Book Awards

The Big Book awards are scheduled for November 27, when I'll be in Moscow... and plan to go to the Big Book award ceremony. Since I'm traveling light, at least electronically speaking, I'm scheduling this piece to post automatically -- I'll tap in a comment, as Anonymous, late that day/night with the winners. I'll try to remember to take pictures to post later in my trip report!

For everyone's reference, here's the list of finalists:

  • Maria Galina: Медведки (Mole-Crickets)
  • Daniil Granin: Мой лейтенант… (My Lieutenant…)
  • Aleksandr Grigorenko: Мэбэт. История человека тайги(Mebet. The Story of a Person from the Taiga)
  • Vladimir Gubailovsky: Учитель цинизма (The Teacher of Cynicism)
  • Andrei Dmitriev: Крестьянин и тинейджер (The Peasant and the Teenager)
  • Aleksandr Kabakov, Evgenii Popov: Аксёнов (Aksyonov)
  • Vladimir Makanin: Две сестры и Кандинский (Two Sisters and Kandinsky)
  • Sergei Nosov: Франсуаза, или Путь к леднику (Françoise, Or the Way to the Glacier)
  • Valerii Popov: Плясать досмерти (To Dance to Death)
  • Zakhar Prilepin: Чёрная обезьяна (The Black Monkey)
  • Andrei Rubanov: Стыдные подвиги (Shameful Feats/Exploits)
  • Marina Stepnova: Женщины Лазаря (The Women of Lazarus/Lazarus’s Women)
  • Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov): «Несвятые святые» и другие рассказы (“Unsaintly Saints” and Other Stories)
  • Lena Eltang: Другие барабаны (Other Drums)


  1. You two are so funny!

    The big winner was Granin, winning first jury prize plus a special award. Kabakov and Popov won second jury prize for their Aksyonov book, and Stepnova won the third jury and reader prizes. The second jury prize went to Galina and first to Archimandrite Tikhonov.

    Hoping this all makes sense as I'm tapping fast to try to post before Internet goes down again!

  2. Oops, it's Anonymous again correcting herself for tapping too fast! Galina and Archimandrite Tikhonov won, respectively, the second and first READER prizes not jury prizes, my apologies! It's also been a superlong day! And of course I can't correct my anonymous comment!

  3. Most silly in all this: if I'd thought ahead a little better I would have remembered that the ceremony would be in a library building with a great wifi signal... I could have scheduled the post to go up earlier and tapped in winners in real time!