Saturday, January 24, 2009

Special Note to Subscribers -- Feed Change!

Dear Subscribers,

I plan to move my blog feed today from Feedburner to Google. Google is forcing this transition and claims feed transfers should be seamless... Theoretically, you won't notice anything. You should continue to receive my blog posts in your e-mail account or feed reader of choice. 

I hope so! 

This will be a busy weekend at the bookshelf, so it will be easy to know if anything goes amiss. I'll be posting later today about a few short stories, and my War and Peace series begins tomorrow. I'll add a note to this post later today, with new feed details so you can resubscribe, if anything gets lost. 

Thank you very much for subscribing to my blog's feed. I appreciate your readership and comments! 


Edit: If you need to resubscribe, you can use this link:


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