Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reading List for Yahoo Russian Lit Reading Group

I’d never joined an online reading group until last week, when the Yahoo Russian Lit Reading Group sounded too good to resist. I’d been meaning to reread Doctor Zhivago and The Brothers Karamazov this year (or, well, last) anyway!

The reading list, chosen by participants, is a great survey course in Russian literature. But no grades!

Here is the schedule for discussions, which will begin on the 10th of each month:

March: Nikolai Gogol’ – “Шинель (“The Overcoat”)

April: Boris Pasternak – Доктор Живаго (Doctor Zhivago)

May/June: Lev Tolstoy – Анна Каренини (Anna Karenina)

May/June: Anton Chekhov – “Поцелуй” (“The Kiss”)

July/August: Fedor Dostoevsky – Братья Карамазовы (The Brothers Karamazov)

July/August: Leo Tolstoy – Крейцерова соната (Kreutzer Sonata)

September: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – Один день Ивана Денисовича (One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich)

October: Ivan Turgenev – Отцы и дети (Fathers and Sons)

November/December: Aleksandr Pushkin – Евгений Онегин (Eugene Onegin)

November/December: Orlando Figes – Natasha’s Dance

Bonus! Here’s a slide show of Nizhniy Novgorod from The New York Times.


  1. I'm also looking forward to reading the books on the list, and I'm enjoying reading your posts. I have so many books TBR that I don't think that I should add any more, but I won't be able to resist some of your suggestions!


  2. Thank you for coming by, Viola! I appreciate your kind words. Your blog also has lots of great suggestions: we both seem to have very eclectic reading lists!