Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bykov Wins NatsBest (Again)

Dmitrii Bykov won the 2011 National Bestseller Award (NatsBest) for his novel Остромов, или Ученик чародея (Ostromov, or the Sorcerer’s Apprentice). Bykov is a repeat winner of the NatBest: he won in 2006 for Boris Pasternak. Ostromov is the final book of a trilogy, following Оправдание (Justification) and Орфография (Orthography).’s listing for all three novels in one volume, which weighs in at 992 pages and 1345 grams, includes brief descriptions.

Update, June 6, 2011: Given Dmitrii Bykov's high public profile, I wondered how long this would take... reports that Vadim Levental', chair of the NatsBest Organizational Committee, expressed his dissatisfaction with Bykov's win. My summary: Levental' said Bykov is already well-known and widely read therefore doesn't fit the award's goal of finding a book with unrealized potential to become an intellectual bestseller. shows jury voting tied at two each for Bykov and Figl'-Migl', leaving jury chair Kseniia Sobchak to cast the deciding vote. She voted for Bykov but expressed her preference for Mikhail Elizarov's Мультики ('Toons), which won one jury vote.


  1. I guess I'll have to get the trilogy, since I loved Orfografiya.

  2. It's funny: I thought of your love of Orfografiia when I wrote this post, Languagehat.